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Parking Enforcement Services (PES) is an experienced and established service based division of Wilson Parking New Zealand Limited. We have a proven track record in providing monitoring and enforcement services. We currently provide our enforcement service across more than 400 car parks throughout New Zealand. We work closely with our clients to ensure our service falls within their service expectations. Our service is based on a willingness to be flexible in adapting the mode of enforcement to best monitor and minimise parking abuse.

The primary aim of our service is to free up bays in busy car parks so that genuine customers and clients can more easily find a parking space. Based on our experience, towing and wheel-clamping tend to be more aggressive with little room for the parker to appeal. PES takes the direct confrontation out of enforcing car parks as it is essentially breach notice issuing. PES and Wilson Parking are not a statutory authority. The notices are not a fine, nor a penalty or infringement, but a breach of contract fee to cover the cost of enforcing the terms and conditions of parking.

When a driver enters the car park they do so after accepting the terms and conditions (e.g. customer, authorised parking only, time-limited parking, parent or mobility bays etc.) as stipulated on the signage. Failure to abide by these conditions means that the parker is in breach of contract and, as per the terms of parking, a breach notice can be issued. The breach notice details the location, date, time and nature of the breach including the fee, plus it clearly outlines the payment options and appeal process and relevant timelines. PES also provides a highly experienced Customer Service Call Centre Team with skills in the appeal process and managing enquiries. Our Customer Service team members are Kiwi Host certified.

PES provides free of charge the following key services;

1) Professional management of the enforcement of your car parks;

2) An additional level of security and customer service within the car park.

    Our officers are trained, uniformed and security licensed;

3) Regular high-visible patrols including a breach on request service;

4) All the signage that is required to meet legal requirements and your parking terms;

5) Regular reporting and ongoing liaison between your car park’s specific

      requirements and our enforcement operation;

6) Appeals management. Our back-end Administration team handle all appeals and enquiries.

For added comfort, Wilson Parking New Zealand Limited is a corporate member of the New Zealand Security Association (Inc.), and holds a Security Guard Licence. Our individual PES officers are fully uniformed, trained and hold relevant NZQA Security Industry related certification and carry a Certificate of Approval, (COA). Parking Enforcement Services, as a division of Wilson Parking New Zealand Limited, is an active participant in an Industry Working Group to improve existing codes of practice for Parking Enforcement and is a signatory to the ‘Code of Practice for Parking Enforcement on Private Land’.

Parking Enforcement Services

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